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Clinics & Services

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Where you have concerns regarding alcohol or drug abuse in yourself or a loved one please make an appointment to see one of the GPs for further advice. There is a local community alcohol and drugs team which you can contact to meet with a trained counsellor and support worker on 01942 827979.

Please remember the recommended safe weekly limits of alcohol intake are;

  • Women 14 Units
  • Men 14 Units 

babyAntenatal Clinic

Routine pregnancy testing is not performed in surgery as accurate and reliable home kits are available at all local pharmacies.

If you have a positive test and plan to continue the pregnancy you will need to contact the Surgery to make an appointment for the Midwives for your antenatal care. The sooner you contact the Surgery the better as you should see a Midwife at around 8-10 weeks of pregnancy (4-6 weeks after your missed period).

Whilst waiting to see the Midwife it is important that you:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Ensure you are taking Folic Acid 400micrograms once daily
  • Live a healthy lifestyle

The Midwife will see you here at the surgery - Her clinics generally run on Tuesday or Thursday early afternoons so attending them may require you to take time off work. 

Booking-in and follow-up Appointments with the Community Midwives

  • Tuesday   1.00 pm - 2.00 pm
  • Thursday  1.15 pm - 3.15 pm

By Appointment Only

Asthma Reviews

All asthma patients are reviewed annually by a GP or Practice Nurse. Asthma is a condition that waxes and wanes over weeks, months or even years and so regular review of your current asthma symptoms and inhalers is very important.

If your asthma is well controlled you should be using your reliever inhaler no more than 3 times a week.

Poor asthma control is indicated by:

  • Using Reliever Inhaler more than 3 times a week
  • Waking at night or early morning with a dry cough or wheeze
  • Limitation of your normal activities caused by shortness of breath, wheeze, chest tightness or cough

In these situations it is very important that you arrange to see your GP even if your annual asthma review is not due.

Blood Pressure Checks

All patients taking blood pressure medication should have a blood pressure check every 6 months. This can be arranged by appointment with one of the Practice Nurses.  

Most patients on this medication will also need an annual blood test for the kidney. Unless you have associated problems you will not need to have your cholesterol and blood sugar checked every year but perhaps every 3 - 5 years instead.

Many people have a home blood pressure monitor as these are available to buy from most pharmacies and are generally quite cheap and provide accurate readings. If you check your blood pressure at home it is important to bring your monitor in to surgery one a year so that our Practice Nurses can check it is working properly.

If you are having any specific concerns regarding you medication please make an appointment to see a GP.

Cervical Cytology

Routine Smear Testing is currently advised every 3 years for women between the ages of 25 and 50, and then every 5 years between the ages of 50 and 64. If women have had abnormal smears in the past they may need to have them more regularly than this, or to have smears past the age of 64. Women are invited to attend for a smear test by letter when their smear is due.

Please attend for smear tests when called to do so.  They can pick up early changes and may prevent the development of cervical cancer.

There are currently regular smear clinics running in surgery:

  • Monday afternoon
  • Tuesday afternoon
  • Friday Afternoon

By Appointment Only


Full services including emergency contraception, pill checks, depot-contraception, implants and coil fittings and removals are available at the surgery.

  • See any GP to discuss/commence contraception or to obtain same-day emrgency contraception.
  • See Doctor Nadia Ghalayini to discuss implants and coil fittings or removals.
  • See Practice Nurses for routine pill and coil checks, and for all follow-up depo-injections.

COPD Reviews

There is currently no regular COPD clinic running in surgery, but all established COPD patients should be reviewed annually by a GP or practice nurse. These reviews can be performed during a routine appointment. Where there are particular concerns regarding your COPD or COPD medication please arrange to see one of the GPs.

We also offer special Lung Function Tests (Spirometry). These can be performed by the Practice Nurses and are used to diagnose or assess patients with COPD at the GP's request.


Patients are able to self refer to the local Counselling service by telephoning 01942 483 483

For patients interested in more varied Psychological Therapies such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or who have previously been under the care of the local community mental health team and feel they need to reconnect, self referral is also possible through telephoning 01942 264 536

If a patient is at 'Crisis Point' with severe and immediate mental health problems then the Crisis Resolution / Access Team at Leigh Infirmary should be contacted on 01942 255 675

We would advise that all such patients, or any patients with significant distress should also discuss these concerns with their own GP.

Diabetic Clinic

All established diabetics should be reviewed annually by a GP or practice nurse. All diabetics not being reviewed regularly at the hospital for their diabetes are invited by post to attend the practice's diabetic clinic.  Where there are particular concerns regarding your diabetes or diabetic medication please arrange to see one of the GPs.

Follow- Up Clinic for New or Established Diabetic Patients

  • Monday Morning/Afternoon
  • Tuesday Night - Late Night Surgery
  • Thursday Afternoon
  • Friday Morning 

By Appointment Only

Ear Syringing (for removal of ear wax)

By appointment only with a Practice Nurse

Patients should have seen a GP first to have their ears examined and should use wax softening drops for 7-10 days prior to ear syringing.

 Syringing is not always possible where there has been:

  • Ear Drum Perforation (past or present)
  • Recent Infection
  • Foreign Body (including grommets)
  • Previous Ear Surgery

Flu Vaccinations

Clinics are held annually in early Autumn for all eligible patients. Please enquire at reception about making an appointment for your vaccine if you are eligible.


Routine / Travel Vaccinations

By Appointment Only with a Practice Nurse

Childhood Vaccinations are performed after children have been called for to attend by the central immunisation service as all the childhood vaccinations are given at specific times

Please note that there may be a charge for travel vaccinations

Ischaemic Heart Disease Clinic

All patients with established heart disease or previous heart attack should be reviewed annually by a GP or practice nurse. Such patients who are not being reviewed regularly at the hospital for their heart disease are invited by post to attend the practice's ischaemic heart disease clinic.  Where there are particular concerns regarding your heart condition or medication please arrange to see one of the GPs. Letters will be sent to patients with date and time for appointment.


Private medicals such as employment or adoption medicals can be arranged through the practice in certain cases, subject to a fee. Please contact the surgery for further details.

Mother and Baby Clinic

We run a "One Stop" 8 week check for new babies and mums and the first immunisations which takes place on Tuesdays 1.30pm - 3.30 pm.

All new babies are sent an invitation from the practice to attend by post. It is very important to attend this appointment as postponing it means that the baby's first immunisations will be delayed too.

Each mum and baby will see the Health Visitor and then the GP before having their immunisations. There will be an opportunity to discuss baby's development, any concerns, how mum is coping and contraception for the future. The baby will  be undergo a full physical examination and then be given its first immunisations.

Running alongside this clinic, is a Drop-In Service where any mums can bring their babies along to see the Health Visitor for weighing and to discuss any concerns. This is open from 1.30 pm.

Postnatal Depression

Are you or your partner pregnant or have you recently had a baby?

Are you feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed?

Would you like to talk to someone in confidence about your feelings?

There is a free and confidential counselling service specifically for those suffering with antenatal or postnatal low mood or anxiety. Sessions are run at your own home, local children's Sure Start Centres and at the Wigan Family Welfare Offices in Scholes in Wigan.

You can self-refer to this service by telephoning 01942 867 888

More support is always available from your GP and Health Visitor - please discuss you worries with them at any time.

sexual healthSexual Health

It's important to pay attention to your sexual health, whether you are in a long term relationship or not.

Anyone having sex can catch a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) so you need to find out how to protect yourself by avoiding infection, how to get tested and what treatments are available. This can prevent health complications for you and your partners. Practising safe sex using a condom reduces the risk of STI.

If you are concerned you may have an STI see your GP or visit a contraception and sexual health clinic. There are several clinics in the area offering free contraception and sexual health advice.

Self-Refer to any of the local clinics below - all contact with them is completely confidential and even your GP is not informed that you have been seen there:

  • Brook Wigan - Tel: 01942 483180
  • The Shine Centre - The Galleries, Wigan. Tel: 01942 483188
  • Brook Leigh - Tel: 01942 777985 Mondays only 3.30 - 6.30 pm
  • Leigh Centre for Sexual Health and Family Planning - Entrance C, Leigh Health Centre, The Avenue, Leigh, WN7 1HR,  Tel: 01942 483188
  • Well Women Centre - 55 Church Street, Leigh, WN7 1AY Tel: 01942 681411

Smoking Cessation

Choosing to stop smoking can be one of the most worthwhile decisions that a person makes but the practicalities of doing it may be very difficult. Smokers who use their local NHS Stop Smoking Service are up to 4 times more likely to beat their addiction.

The Wigan Stop Smoking Service is a free NHS service dedicated to providing advice and support to the people who wish to stop smoking.  It involves one-to-one sessions which address:

  • A step-by-step approach tailored to meet an individual's unique needs
  • Individual support with a stop smoking specialist advisor
  • Access to the service in your local community
  • Access to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patches, gum etc.) on prescription
  • Advice that will help you to stop now and stay stopped

Self Refer by calling 01942 481712

A large proportion of local pharmacies in Ashton, Leigh & Wigan are also now offering quick and easy access to stop smoking support for the general public. Pharmacists and trained pharmacy staff are able to offer one to one stop smoking advice, treatment and ongoing support for people who want to give up smoking. Where more specialist intensive support is required, referral to the local stop smoking service specialist advisers can be arranged.

For further support contact:

Anyone living in the Wigan Borough can access this service and there is specific support available to pregnant women and those with a long-term condition.

Unwanted Pregnancy

If you have a positive test but feel unable to continue with the pregnancy you can discuss this with your GP who will provide you with support and details of specialist clinics where you can obtain further information and counselling regarding the next steps.

Alternatively if you would prefer not to see your GP about this issue you can self-refer for an NHS-funded termination in the local area by contacting:

  • The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) - Tel; 08457 30 40 30 / Email;
  • Marie Stopes International - Tel; 0845 300 8090 (open 24 hours) / email;
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